Jardinains! 2.0

Arkanoid remake with a few surprises
Break the bricks by bouncing a ball upwards with a paddle. Make sure you don't drop the ball, collect power-ups, stay away from falling flower pots, avoid banana peels and rack up as many points as you can.

Jardinains! is a fun new twist on an old classic. Break bricks, dodge flower pots, bounce nains, and rack up as many points as you can!
Main features:
- 50 levels of brick-breaking, nain-knockin' action!
- Greig as you've never heard him before!
- Productivity-shattering fun!
- Explosions!
- Auto-save!
- Tons of powerups!
- Fully functional level editor!
- Banana peels!
- Player statistic tracking!
- Advanced "2-D eXtrEEm" graphics technology!
- Frickin' laser beams!

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